A Tradition in Montréal for 30 Years

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A Montréal tradition for 30 years, Pasta Bella has been helping busy families prepare traditional Italian meals at home quickly and easily.

Pasta Bella first opened in the Marché 440 in Laval 30 years ago as a restaurant called Casa Bella. The popularity of the restaurant's sauces and pasta prompted them to focus exclusively on the take out part of their business.

As Pasta Bella's popularity grew through the 80s + 90s so did the operation, expanding into an even larger space with a fulltime kitchen, focused on growing customer demand. In 2001 Pasta Bella opened a HACCP accredited central kitchen.

In 2009 the DIX30 location opened and in 2012 the DDO location bringing Pasta Bella's traditional Italian meals to new families in new neighbourhoods.

  • Fresh Pasta
  • Tortellini, Ravioli, Cannelloni
  • Pre-cooked Lasagne Sheets
  • Fine Italian Foods
  • Fresh Sauces
  • Hot Lunches
  • Ready-Made Meals
  • Meat Lasagna
  • Italian Style Pizza
  • Arancinis + Bignolatis
  • Canoli + Tiramisu
  • Holiday, Party and Event Menus

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It is easier than ever to bring home fresh, traditional Italian meals to your family.

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